Poem From Lizzie

The Word

Can one word be so damaging to ones heart?
An entire family threatened to fall apart?
Near the breaking point by a single word.
Channeling all your strength into one loved one
Enraged with the outcome of this single word
Ready to do anything needed to help them.

Children left without a parent
Adults left without their spouse
Newly weds becoming widows and widowers
Children losing siblings
Entire family's losing someone special
Ready to stand together

The battle fought but rarely won
Banding even separate families together for a cause

Children fighting and staying strong
Adults fighting and gaining strength
Never a doubt or swaying in faith
Channeled energy to win the war
Energy low but fighting even stronger
Ready to beat the monster inside them

Challenging doctors and nurses alike
Always up for another round
Never looking back, always looking ahead
Climbing the hill and fighting the battle
Energy for every fight
Ready to rid the monster inside them.